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Marc Dapas

Marc L. Dapas was assigned as the Regional Administrator for the    Region IV Office in July 2013.  NRC Region IV is one of four regional offices and is responsible for the inspection and safety assessment of 14 nuclear power plant sites (21 reactors).  Region IV covers 22 states, including Alaska and Hawaii, overseeing the inspection and licensing of medical, academic, and industrial users of radioactive materials.  Sixteen of those states are Agreement States which implement the NRC’s materials inspection and licensing programs.  Region IV also performs licensing and evaluation of nuclear power plant control room operators.

Mr. Dapas has broad and extensive experience in the nuclear industry.  A 1982 graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Mr. Dapas spent seven years as a submarine officer in the Navy’s nuclear power program before joining the NRC as an Operations Specialist in the headquarters’ office.  Three years later, he was selected to be the Senior Resident Inspector at a reactor facility in the NRC’s Region III Office, where he was responsible for the site-specific inspection program to assure safe plant operation.  In 1995, Mr. Dapas was promoted to the position of Senior Reactor Analyst, one of 10 agency-wide positions established as part of the NRC’s overall strategy to more fully risk-inform its regulatory process.  In 1996, Mr. Dapas was promoted to Branch Chief in the Region III Office, where he supervised the regulatory oversight of two reactor facilities on the NRC’s “problem plant list” against a backdrop of intense public scrutiny and congressional interest.

In 1998, Mr. Dapas was promoted to a Senior Executive Service position in the Region III Office, where he led the regulatory oversight program to assure the safe operation of 18 reactor facilities in the Midwestern United States.  In 2002, Mr. Dapas was assigned to lead the materials program in the Region III Office, involving the licensing, inspection, and event response activities for 1200 nuclear materials users (radiographers, medical/research institutions, etc.), and the coordination of policy and program activities with local, State, and Federal government organizations.  In 2005, Mr. Dapas became the Deputy Regional Administrator in the NRC’s Region I Office, where he played a critical role in the agency’s mission of protecting people and the environment by leading a staff of highly skilled specialists in the safety, security, and emergency preparedness oversight of 26 reactor facilities in the Northeastern United States and over 1800 nuclear materials users in the Eastern United States.

In 2011, Mr. Dapas was appointed to Deputy Director, Office of Nuclear Security and Incident Response in the NRC’s headquarters’ office, where he was instrumental in ensuring that the NRC’s security, incident response, and emergency preparedness missions were effectively translated into organizational goals, priorities, and operational strategies.  In June 2012, Mr. Dapas retired from the Naval Reserves at the rank of Captain with 30 years of military service.

During his NRC career, Mr. Dapas has been an agency leader in developing and implementing human resource strategies to achieve organizational goals and objectives, as well as in instituting change to improve organizational performance and effectiveness.  He also has participated with the International Atomic Energy Agency teams evaluating the performance of nuclear regulatory programs and assessing nuclear plant operational safety performance in other countries.
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