United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

Emily Hammond

Professor Hammond is a nationally recognized expert in energy law, environmental law, and administrative law. A former environmental engineer, she brings technical fluency to cutting-edge issues at the intersection of law, science, and policy. Professor Hammond is a leading authority on nuclear energy, electricity markets, regulatory jurisdiction, and the various responses of legal institutions to scientific uncertainty. Her articles have appeared in numerous top-ranked legal journals, including the Columbia Law Review, the Duke Law Journal, the Michigan Law Review, and the Vanderbilt Law Review. She is a co-author of one of the nation's leading energy law texts, "Energy, Economics and the Environment," and the environmental law text "Environmental Protection: Law and Policy," in addition to numerous book chapters and shorter works. An elected member of the American Law Institute, Professor Hammond is also chair of the Association of American Law Schools' Administrative Law Section and a member scholar of the enter for Progressive Reform. She has served as a hearing examiner for state administrative proceedings and has provided service to the International Atomic Energy Agency. She was recently honored as a Distinguished Young Environmental Scholar by the Stegner Center, University of Utah. 
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