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Improved Timeliness of Emergency Declarations

Sponsored by the Office of Nuclear Security and Incident Response

Emergency declarations are fundamental to a licensee's emergency preparedness program, in that emergency response activities are implemented in a staged, proportional manner, based upon the level of the declared emergency. If an emergency declaration is delayed, the subsequent emergency response actions may not be timely, and emergency response personnel may not be in position, should it become necessary to implement measures to protect public health and safety. Appendix E to 10 CFR Part 50, Section IV.C, was revised in 2011 to require licensees to establish and maintain the capability to assess, classify, and declare an emergency condition within 15 minutes after the availability of indications to plant operators that an emergency action level (EAL) has been exceeded. This poster will show that since implementation of the rule, industry improvements have led to more consistent emergency declarations within 15 minutes, ensuring a timely emergency response.

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