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Jon L. Christiansen

Jon L. Christiansen, a 1973 graduate of Trenton State College, is the Chief of the Radiological Emergency Response Planning and Technical Unit at the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management.

A State Employee since 1976, Jon has supported and/or led the Radiological Emergency Response Planning and Safety Unit since its inception in 1982.  Jon is responsible for coordination and interface with NJ State, county and municipal radiological emergency response as well as interface with New Jersey Bureau of Nuclear Engineering, adjacent states, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The State of New Jersey requires an annual exercise for each generating station whether it is evaluated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency or the State Office of Emergency Management.  Since 1994 NJ has conducted several unique exercises including three Ingestion Exercises, two Post Plume exercises concentrating on  relocation  of populations beyond the 10 mile Emergency Planning Zone and two Hostile Action Based Drills.

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