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Anthony Delamotte

Anthony Delamotte is a Senior Project Manager in the Caen Regional Office of the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN).  Presently, Anthony is a foreign assignee to the Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguard of the U.S. NRC.  During his time at the U.S. NRC, Anthony also spent 18 months earlier in the Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research collaborating on a wide variety of nuclear issues, and providing information from the ASN on their review of reactor designs and operating issues.  Anthony has a Master in Engineering degree from the University of Joseph Fourier in Grenoble and received professional engineering accreditation in France.  Beginning in 2002, he worked at the French Atomic Energy Commission as a health and safety officer and then, as a Plant facility manager at the National Center for Scientific Research for the production of medical radioisotopes.  Since 2009, he has worked at ASN on a variety of different assignments, which includes performing inspections of reprocessing, medical, and reactor facilities.
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