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Bernard C. Rudell

Bernie holds a BS Degree in Nuclear-Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland with over 35 years of commercial nuclear plant experience.  Bernie has held a Reactor Operators License as a shift technical advisor.  His early career involvement in various plant surveillance testing requirements evolved to include a focus on materials aging management programs such as ISI, Steam Generator, Repair/Replacement and FAC program management.  Bernie has been closely involved with Alloy 600 Primary Water Stress Corrosion Cracking (PWSCC) degradation management efforts.  His experience also includes station Project Manager for Steam Generator and Reactor Vessel Head replacements.  Bernie was the utility technical lead for the first MRP-227 PWR Reactor Vessel Internals exams at the Ginna station.  He is currently the Chairman of the EPRI MRP Integration Committee and a member of the American Nuclear Society.
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