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Appajosula Rao

Dr. Appajosula Rao (“Sri) is a Materials Engineer in the Corrosion and Metallurgy Branch of the Division of Engineering. In this role, he has the technical lead and manages research on irradiation-assisted degradation of nuclear reactor core internals and cast austenitic steels conducted for the NRC by Argonne National Laboratory. In addition, Sri reviews research conducted under a joint international cooperative agreement on irradiation-assisted stress-corrosion cracking (IASCC) at the Halden research center in Norway and provides technical leadership as an active member in the international advisory committee on IASCC of reactor core internals.

Sri’s accomplishments are many. As a professorial lecturer at the George Washington University (GWU), he has trained biomedical engineering students in materials and mechanical engineering students in materials processing and mechanical deformation. Sri has over 300 refereed technical publications and presentations in materials and corrosion engineering journals that exhibit his expertise in nuclear materials, irradiation effects, electrochemistry, coatings, ceramics, and composite materials. He also has four U.S. patents on superconducting ceramic thin films and tapes. As a recognized expert, Sri has given numerous invited lectures in these technical areas.

Among his numerous awards, he was elevated as a Fellow of ASM International in 2013.  Last year, the Inamori Foundation of Japan selected Sri to serve in the nomination committee for the Foundation’s annual Kyoto Prize, which is quite an honor.

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