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Majd I. Hawari

Dr. Hawwari attended Jordan University of Science and Technology to earn his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Communications and Electronics. And he served as an avionic engineer at the Royal Jordanian Airlines, Amman.

Dr. Hawwari moved to the United Sates to obtain his Master of Science and Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from University of Cincinnati (UC) Cincinnati, OH in the United States. His field of emphasis was radiation measurements, dosimetry, spectrometry, and the utilization of ionizing radiation in medical applications.

Dr. Hawwari worked as the deputy chief of physics at King Hussein Cancer Center in Amman-Jordan, where 145 patients were treated daily with radiation, and state of the art techniques were used for the treatment, such as intensity modulated radiation therapy, stereotactic body radiotherapy, and image guided radiotherapy. Dr. Hawwari updated the quality assurance program for the radiation oncology department and performed acceptance testing and commissioning for new linear accelerators. In addition, Dr. Hawwari served as an adjunct professor at the department of physics at the University of Jordan, where he taught two graduate level courses (Radiation Measurements, and Digital Signal Processing) and Radiation Physics for the radiation oncology resident physicians, and served on the PhD committee for a number of students in the department of physics at the University of Jordan.

Dr. Hawwari was appointed with a royal decree as the Director General for Jordan Nuclear Regulatory Commission (JNRC), and currently he is a commissioner at the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC). Through his current position Dr. Hawwari has a major role in the development and oversight of all aspects of the regulatory frame work of the Jordanian Nuclear Energy Program. The projects Dr. Hawwari worked on within the Jordanian Nuclear Energy Program were the Subcritical Assembly at Jordan University of Science and Technology,  Jordan Research and Training Reactor (JRTR), Nuclear Engineering program at Jordan University of Science and Technology,  Synchrotron Light Source, the Uranium Exploration and Mining project, and  Future Nuclear Power Plants. 

In addition, Dr. Hawwari has other duties in licensing and monitoring radiation exposure and use in the medical and industrial fields. Also, border monitoring and control for illicit trafficking of radioactive sources.

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