United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

Randolph Sullivan

Randolph Sullivan is a certified health physicist and has been a senior emergency preparedness specialist at the NRC for the past 15 years. His current work focuses on using applied research to improve regulatory oversight of nuclear power plants. Mr. Sullivan’s recent research includes developing a performance-based emergency preparedness system that quantifies the effectiveness of EP programs at individual power plants.

Mr. Sullivan has conducted extensive research studies on emergency preparedness aspects including evacuations, emergency action levels, and protective action strategies. He was a key contributor to the State of the Art Reactor Consequence Analyses Project, for which he developed a model to analyze emergency response to reactor accidents. He was the Director of the Protective Measures Team at the NRC Operations Center for ten years, where he provided technical expertise in response to nuclear plant emergencies, including the Fukushima accident in Japan. Mr. Sullivan has also used his thorough knowledge of EP oversight to assist the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Before working for the NRC, Mr. Sullivan worked as a consultant at the United States Department of Energy and as an EP manager at Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station. He began his career as an EP and health physics consultant at several nuclear power plants after obtaining his degree in Engineering Science from Illinois Institute of Technology.

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