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Sungho Yang

Sungho Yang works for Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety (KINS) and his current position is Quality Regulation Manager.  Mr. Yang has been working for the Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety since 1989, particularly in the field of quality assurance.  He had served as the head of the Quality Evaluation Department which is responsible for oversight of nuclear quality assurance including vendor inspection.

In the nuclear industry, he is working for Korea Nuclear Standard Organization as the Vice-Chair of the Committee on Quality and Certification since 2005, and Vice Chair of the Welding Sub-Committee since 2002.  And also he serves as a member of ASME CNC (Committee on Nuclear Certification).

Mr. Yang also participates actively in the international community.  He served as a member of the working group for IAEA/GS-R-3 development.  And in the MDEP he chaired the Working Group on Component Manufacturing Oversight for 2 years, and VICWG for 3 years, and now is chairing the APR1400 Design Specific Working Group.

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