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Mark Foy

Mark Foy has spent 11 years working for the UK’s Office for Nuclear Regulation.  During this period, he has successfully led and managed ONR’s regulatory activities across a range of sectors, including chemical reprocessing, waste management and defence; he has also been ONR’s lead for its Mechanical Engineering discipline. 

In December 2013, Mark was appointed as Deputy Chief Inspector and Director of ONR’s Civil Nuclear Reactor Programme responsible for the regulation of the UK’s operating reactor fleet, the delivery and completion of the Generic Design Assessment for prospective reactor designs and for ONR’s regulatory oversight and licensing of the UK’s new reactor build programme.

A significant period of Mark’s 11 years with ONR has seen him involved with the front line regulation of spent fuel management.  For the last 3 years, Mark has been responsible for leading the regulation of the entirety of the UK’s spent fuel management reprocessing facilities at Sellafield, in Cumbria, where the site operator reprocesses both oxide and metal fuel.  He successfully led the development and delivery of ONR’s regulatory strategy and intervention plans for the site, maintaining focus on major hazard and risk reduction; continued operational safety; delivery of post Fukushima resilience improvement programmes; delivery of security and emergency management improvement programmes; investigation of events and enforcement.  Prior to this, he led ONR’s regulation of the high-hazard high-risk facilities at Sellafield and he spent a period as Head of ONR’s Defence Engineering Assessment Unit and Joint Head of the Naval Propulsion IPG where he led the regulation of defence facilities that form the UK’s Naval Nuclear Propulsion Programme.

Mark has worked in the UK’s nuclear industry for 30 years and prior to joining ONR he has undertaken various roles.  He has written and led the assessment of safety cases for defence related nuclear facilities at Rosyth, Faslane, Coulport and Devonport.  He has also provided independent regulatory assurance and advice to the Ministry of Defence’s Naval Regulator on its Naval PWR programme, overseeing the successful refit and refuel of the fleets nuclear submarines.  During his career, Mark also qualified as a reactor operator and was responsible for the control and supervision of all activities related to reactor operation and electricity generation for the Magnox reactor at Hinkley Point in Somerset.

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