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TH34  Radiation Protection Regulations and Computer Codes

In today’s nuclear environment, it has become more critical than ever to be able to accurately calculate projected doses caused by exposure of radiological releases. The NRC is working hard to engage with our domestic and international partners in the development, analysis, and maintenance of NRC radiation-protection computer codes. This session will introduce you to the NRC’s Radiation Protection Code Analysis and Maintenance Program (RAMP).

RAMP computer codes are used by the NRC and many other organizations for licensing, emergency response, design basis accidents, and exposure/ dose assessment. We believe that enhanced stakeholder involvement through RAMP will result in better, more readily accepted solutions to address computer-codes issues, and ultimately better computer codes.

This session will also include an international panelist presenting “How Radiation Protection Computer Codes are Useful to South Africa”. In addition, a presentation on the effects of the International Commission on Radiation Protection Publication 103 on 10 CFR Part 20, “Standards for Protection against Radiation,” will be part of this session.




  • Gladys Figueroa, Reactor Systems Engineer, Division of Systems Analysis, RES/NRC, tel: 301-251-7545, e-mail: Gladys.figueroa@nrc.gov
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