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T4  Is it Possible to Create a Risk-Informed and Performance-Based Emergency Preparedness Regulatory Regimen?

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) undertakes a variety of activities to integrate risk information and performance measures into the agency’s regulations, regulatory guidance, and oversight processes. The staff has conducted studies to determine if it is possible to construct such a regulatory regimen for emergency preparedness (EP). This session will report on the applied research performed to study this paradigm shift from NRC’s current regulatory approach.

Proposed presentations:

  • Conceptual performance-based regulatory regimen: Conceptual regulatory structure for a performance-based oversight regimen
  • NUREG/CR 7160, "Emergency Preparedness Significance Quantification Process: Proof of Concept": Staff effort to develop a quantification tool to determine EP program adequacy
  • NUREG/CR 7154, "Risk Informing Emergency Preparedness Oversight": Evaluation of Emergency Action Levels: Discussion of the use of Standardized Plant Analysis Risk (SPAR) models to examine emergency action level schemes
  • Risk-Informed and Performance-Based Radiological Emergency Response Plan (RERP) Oversight Study: Staff effort to determine the potential to use performance-based methods for offsite EP oversight




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