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W24  What Can We Learn from Risk-Informed Licensing Initiatives?

This session will focus on the various regulations that are in place or under development to allow risk analysis to inform regulatory decisions. Perspectives from U.S. industry, the NRC, and the international community on the use of risk-information in the regulatory process will be discussed. Presentations will highlight lessons learned and recommendations for the future. The U.S. discussions will focus on the following topics: Risk-informing GSI-191 (PWR Sump Issue), 10 CFR 50.69 Pilot Review (Special Treatment Requirements), Risk-Informed Technical Specification Initiatives, and the use of risk information in new reactor licensing.




  • Sara Lyons, Technical Assistant, Division of Risk Assessment, NRR/NRC tel: 301-415-2861, e-mail: Sara.Lyons@nrc.gov
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