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W16  License Renewal beyond 60 Years

The NRC is evaluating and developing the framework needed to support anticipated future applications for Subsequent License Renewal (i.e., plant operation beyond 60 years). This effort involves potential impact to the current regulations for license renewal as well as changes in consideration of technical issues associated with aging management. Both the industry and NRC staff have initiated projects and research to support the basis for long-term-operations. This session will give an overview and status of such effort from various parties and the progress toward the potential for Subsequent License Renewal.




  • Panel Discussion
    Michael Case, Director, Division of Engineering, RES/NRC
  • Panel Discussion
    Tina Taylor, Director, External Affairs and Strategic Programs, Electrical Power Research Institute
  • Panel Discussion
    Kathryn A. McCarthy, Director, Light Water Reactor Sustainability Program, Technical Integration Office, Idaho National Laboratory


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