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Jay A. Wagner

Jay Wagner is the Performance Improvement Director at PSEG Nuclear, operators of Hope Creek and Salem Nuclear Generating Stations. His responsibilities include being department head to Corporate Functional Area Managers (CFAMs), including the CFAM and Corporate Coordinator responsible for governance and oversight of Operating Experience. He is also PSEG’s Utilities Services Alliance (USA) Management Council Representative and INPO Administrative Point of Contact.

Prior to taking his current position with PSEG in 2007, he was at INPO for 13 years in various positions including Senior Representative, Team Manager, Staff Assistant to the CEO and Corporate Secretary, and Engineering Evaluator. He also completed two reverse loan management assignments at Zion and Peach Bottom.

Jay has worked in nuclear power for 39 years. He has a BS in Nuclear Engineering from Penn State, and served 20 years in the Nuclear Navy as a submarine officer, including 2 years as Officer-in-Charge of Submarine NR-1.

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