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Peter Hastings

Peter Hastings is the Director of Licensing for Generation mPower, LLC, the joint company formed by Babcock & Wilcox mPower, Inc. and Bechtel Power Corporation to design, license, and build small modular reactors based on the mPowerâ„¢ reactor technology. Peter is responsible for development and defense of the design certification application under 10 CFR Part 52, as well as customer applications for combined licenses and construction permits. He directs the activities of a multi-company, multi-discipline team, and focuses the company’s activities in pursuit of the highest-priority licensing goals.

Peter has 30 years of licensing, design, and operations experience across the entire nuclear fuel cycle. Prior to joining GmP, he was Manager for Duke Energy’s Nuclear Plant Development Division, responsible for pursuit of a combined license for the Lee Nuclear Station. He was also the lead for the multi-utility AP1000 Design-Centered Work Group and the AP1000 licensing lead for NuStart Energy Development, LLC.

Previously, Peter was the Manager of Licensing and Safety Analysis for Duke Cogema Stone & Webster, LLC, and was responsible for receipt of the construction authorization for the MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility, part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s program for converting surplus nuclear weapons material into commercial fuel. He was also the Safety Assurance Manager and Deputy Operations Manager for Performance Assessment on the Yucca Mountain geologic repository program. Peter began his career as a reactor engineer responsible for startup testing and fuel performance monitoring at Duke Energy’s Oconee Nuclear Station.

Peter holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Nuclear Engineering from North Carolina State University. He is a registered Professional Engineer in North and South Carolina. Peter lives with his wife and five children in Charlotte, NC.

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