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Cesare Frepoli

Dr. Cesare Frepoli has more than 20 years of experience in the nuclear industry. Currently Dr. Frepoli is a fellow engineer at Westinghouse Electric Company in the Safety Analysis and Licensing Department. Dr. Frepoli’s area of expertise is in thermal-hydraulic, fluid-dynamics, numerical methods, physical models for computer simulation of nuclear reactors and uncertainty methodologies.  Dr. Frepoli has lead various development program and teams within the industry and authored several publications. Dr. Frepoli is knowledgeable of the various licensing and regulatory aspects of safety analyses methodologies, operation and maintenance of PWRs, as well as design certification of new generation nuclear power plants (AP1000 and SMR in particular). Dr. Frepoli’s focus in recent years has been in the development of the Full Spectrum LOCA Evaluation Model and the new Westinghouse Best-Estimate LOCA methodology which is currently under NRC review.

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