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Won-Pil Baek

- B.S.(1982) in nuclear engineering at Seoul National University and M.S.(1984), Ph.D. (1991) in nuclear engineering at KAIST, Korea

- 1991~2000: Work at KAIST as a research and research professor in the area of nuclear thermal hydraulics, nuclear safety and advanced reactors

- 2001~present: Work at KAERI as a general project manager for thermal hydraulic safety research(2001~2007.3), Director of the division for thermal hydraulics & severe accident safety (2007.4~2010.11), and Vice President for Nuclear Safety Research (2010.12~)

- Domestic professional activities include: a member of the Advisory Committee on Nuclear Safety & Security under NSSC of Korea; Chair of the Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics & Safety Division of the Korean Nuclear Society; Chair of the KNS Committee on Fukushima Accident; a former Executive Editor for Nuclear Engineering & Technology journal

- International professional activities include: a member of the OECD/NEA Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations and its Bureau; a member of the editorial board of the Science & Technology of Nuclear Installations journal

- Co-author of two books: Nuclear Safety (in Korean), Critical Heat Flux – Fundamentals & Applications (in Korean)

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