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Jeffrey Poehler

Prior to joining the NRC, Mr. Poehler was employed for approximately eighteen years in the nuclear power generation industry with Baltimore Gas & Electric and Constellation Energy, in the materials engineering area.  Mr. Poehler worked as an onsite materials engineer at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant for ten years, and spent his last seven years with Constellation in various corporate offices.  While at Constellation, Mr. Poehler was involved in plant life extension activities such as development and maintenance of the Alloy 600 Program for Calvert Cliffs, preparation of several license renewal applications for PWR and BWR plants, and oversight of materials related programs at the company’s three nuclear sites.  Mr. Poehler also performed failure analyses and supported materials and corrosion related issues at the plants.

Upon joining NRC in 2008, Mr. Poehler spent 2 years as a Materials Engineer in the Office of New Reactors (NRO), Division of Engineering, Component Integrity, Performance, & Testing Branch 1.  While in NRO, Mr. Poehler performed chemical engineering related reviews of standard design certification and combined license applications for evolutionary PWR plants, and reviewed the new reactor applicant’s evaluations of chemical effects as they relate to sump strainer performance (Generic Safety Issue 191).

Since joining DCI/CVIB in 2010, Mr. Poehler’s technical focus has been on reactor vessel and internals integrity issues.  Mr. Poehler is reviewing neutron embrittlement related portions of several licensing submittals, including license renewal applications, operating license applications, revisions to pressure-temperature limits methodology, and is also reviewing industry and plant-specific aging management programs for reactor vessel internals.

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