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Tony Pietrangelo

Mr. Pietrangelo has 30 years experience in the nuclear energy industry, where his responsibilities have run the gamut of nuclear plant construction, licensing and operations. 

Mr. Pietrangelo has been with the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) and its predecessor organizations since 1989, responsible for the management of licensing, risk-informed regulatory initiatives, performance-based regulation and other comprehensive technical, regulatory issues. He was promoted to vice president of regulatory affairs in 2006 and is currently responsible for executive oversight of new plant deployment, current plant operations, and fuel cycle activities.

In his tenure at NEI, Mr. Pietrangelo has led industry efforts in areas including regulatory guidance on configuration risk management, shutdown/outage management, risk-informed, performance-based regulation, and various other regulatory and licensing issues. He was instrumental in leading industry efforts on applying risk insights to the Regulatory Oversight Process Mitigating Systems Performance Index.

Prior to joining NEI, Mr. Pietrangelo was with Westinghouse Electric Corp. as a project engineer for the construction, testing and start-up of nuclear power plants in Brazil, South Korea, the Philippines and the United States.

Mr. Pietrangelo is a graduate of the Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science with a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial engineering and holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Keller Graduate School of Management.

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