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TH33 Thermal-Hydraulic Codes and Analysis

The session will focus on applications and current issues in thermal hydraulic research, including experimental programs, analysis and code development.  The following topics will be discussed by presenters from industry, National Labs, and the NRC:

  • NRC’s Reactor Systems Code System (TRITON, PARCS, TRACE, SNAP) Status
  • Status and Recent Advances of Westinghouse Best-Estimate LOCA Evaluation Model
  • General Electric Hitachi (GEH) Experience with Best Estimate Methods for BWR transient and Accident Analyses
  • ATWSi Testing in the KATHY Test Facility
  • Solving the Challenges of Validating Modern Simulation Tools 


  • Stephen Bajorek, Senior Advisor, Thermal Hydraulic Code Development and Analysis, RES/NRC



  • Antony Calvo, Information Technology Specialist, Division of Systems Analysis, RES/NRC tel: 301-251-7677, e-mail: Antony.Calvo@nrc.gov
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