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TH32 Topical Reports: Perspectives on Their Use and Benefits to the NRC and Stakeholders

A topical report is a generic, standalone report containing technical information about a nuclear power plant safety topic.  A topical report improves the efficiency of the licensing process by allowing the NRC staff to review a proposed methodology, design, or other safety-related subject and approve it for use by multiple licensees.  Topical reports provide the technical and regulatory bases related to a specific topic for subsequent licensing actions and improvements in safety.

This session will focus on the use of topical reports and the benefits they can provide when used in the licensing process.  It will also highlight recent updates to the NRC topical report review process.  This session will include brief presentations as well as a panel discussion to include the perspectives of NRC project management and technical review staff, industry organizations, and vendors.  Discussion highlights will include:

• Benefits of Topical Reports—streamlining licensing processes and providing a means to implement safety improvements.

• Applicant perspectives—how vendors, industry organizations, and owners groups support and implement topical reports, and how a topical report can assist in the licensing process.

• Protecting public health and safety—topical reports undergo the same technical review process and scrutiny as other licensing actions and provide efficiency in NRC review costs and resources. 

• Recent updates to the NRC’s topical report review process.


  • Sher Bahadur, Deputy Director, Division of Policy and Rulemaking, NRR/NRC



  • Anthony Mendiola, Branch Chief, Division of Policy and Rulemaking, NRR/NRC
  • Mark Burzynski, Licensing Project Manager, Rolls-Royce
  • Patrick Troy, Program Licensing Manager, Lockheed Martin Nuclear Systems & Solutions Product Line
  • James Harrison, Vice President, Fuel and Methods Licensing, Regulatory Affairs, GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas LLC
  • Pedro Salas, Director, Regulatory Affairs, AREVA


  • Stephen Philpott, Project Manager, Division of Policy and Rulemaking, NRR/NRC tel: 301-415-2365, e-mail: Stephen.Philpott@nrc.gov
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