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W19 Recent Operating Reactors Materials Issues

This session will review the issues related to nondestructive examination from the North Anna steam generator hot leg weld, in which five deep axial flaws were missed during weld examination. This will include discussions from industry on the actions implemented as a result of the investigations that the Non-destructive Examination Implementation Focus Group (NIFG) conducted. Other topics will include the effect of primary water stress-corrosion cracking on reactor vessel heads that operate at lower temperatures from those reactor vessel heads in which primary water stress-corrosion cracking first appeared. Potential implications to bottom mounted instrument nozzles also will be discussed. The session will address the cracking of an Alloy 600 instrument nozzle in the Quad Cities reactor vessel. Stress-corrosion cracking, including recent cracking of control rod drive mechanisms, also will be discussed. The final presentation will address reactor pressure vessel forging indications for Doel 3.  


  • Robert Hardies, Senior Technical Advisor for Materials Science and Engineering Mechanics, Division of Engineering, NRR/NRC



  • Timothy Lupold, Branch Chief, Division of Engineering, NRR/NRC tel: 301-415-6448, e-mail: Timothy.Lupold@nrc.gov
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