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Stephanie M. Coffin

Ms. Coffin is the deputy director with the Division of Advanced Reactors and Rulemaking (DARR) in the Office of New Reactors (NRO). The division is responsible for managing advanced reactor licensing and certification reviews in addition to policy development, rulemaking, and guidance for both new and advanced reactors.

Prior to joining DARR in February 2011, Ms. Coffin served as a branch chief in the Division of New Reactor Licensing where she was responsible for managing the reviews of and hearings associated with early site permits and combined license applications for the AP1000 design center.

Ms. Coffin has worked for the NRC since 1996, in technical areas dealing primarily with corrosion of steam generator tubes and other reactor coolant system components as well as embrittlement of PWR reactor vessels. She has participated extensively in both the rulemaking and license renewal programs before joining the NRO in March 2006.

Prior to joining the NRC, Ms. Coffin worked for Baltimore Gas & Electric at the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant in Lusby, Md. She started her engineering career working for the Navy at the David Taylor Research Laboratory in Annapolis, Maryland.

Ms. Coffin holds a B.S. in materials engineering from Drexel University and an M.S. in materials science and engineering from Johns Hopkins University.

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