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TH36 The Safety/Security Interface at Nuclear Power Plants—an International Interest

Maintaining the safety/security interface is a proactive, planned process of reviewing, assessing, and managing plant activities that could compete or conflict with the capability of the site physical protection program.  Conversely, changes in the site physical protection program could also adversely affect plant operations; safety-related structures, systems, and components; operator actions; or emergency responses necessary to prevent or mitigate postulated design basis accidents and to protect public health and safety and the environment.

Managing the safety/security interface at nuclear power plants is recognized as necessary to minimize potential adverse effects, and it is becoming increasingly important internationally that the safety-security interface be controlled.  This session will include international perspectives from regulators on guidance and methods for managing the safety/security interface.  Topics that will be covered include acceptable methods to manage and integrate safety/security activities, considerations for rulemaking and associated guidance, challenges when integrating activities, and experience in this discipline.


Marc Dapas, Deputy Office Director, NRC/NSIR



David Diec, Sr. Program Manager, NRC/NSIR, tel: 301-415-2834, e-mail: David.Diec@nrc.gov

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