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RIC 2011 Conference Program

The Full Program is now available online.

The IOUs and Action Items list provides responses to questions which were not answered at the conference, and followup responses to actions that were taken away from the conference.

The Registrant List provides the name, business address, phone number, and email address of conference registrants who gave permission to post their information on-line.

The table below lists the posters made available during RIC 2011.

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Poster Titles
Consequential Steam Generator Tube Rupture
Development of a Fault Injection-Based Test Methodology of Digital Systems
Current Fire Research Activities: Strengthening Safety Through Research
High-Density Polyethylene Piping for Safety-Related Nuclear Power Plant Applications
Human Factors Review Guidance Updates
Irradiation Assisted Degradation of Reactor Vessel Internals
Joint NRC/Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Low Probability of Rupture (xLPR) Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics Code: Pilot Study Results
Learning from Digital System Experience
Long-Term Performance Engineered Barrier Soil/Composite Covers for Nuclear Waste Isolation
NRC-Sponsored Environmentally Assisted Fatigue Research Activities
Program to Assess the Reliability of Emerging Nondestructive Techniques (PARENT)—An International Collaboration to Explore the Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) Responses of Cracks in Nickel Alloy Components
Remote Visual Testing Capabilities: Phase 1
Status of Proposed Revision of Regulatory Guide 1.59, "Design Basis Floods for Nuclear Power Plants"
Weld Residual Stress Analysis Validation Program
NRC Review of Advanced Reactor Designs
NRC Review of Combined License Applications
Oversight of New Reactor Construction
Business Process Improvement
NRC's Open Government Program: Taking Openness to the Next Level
Research at the NRC
Comprehensive Site Level 3 Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA)
NRC Emergency Preparedness and Incident Response
The New Public Face of ADAMS: An Enhanced Public Resource
NRC's International Regulatory Development Partnership
International Outreach
Information Digest
One White Flint North | Three White Flint North
Integrated Regulatory Review Service Mission
NRC Employees Welfare and Recreation Association Store
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