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Earl Libby

Mr. Earl R. Libby joined the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission New Reactor Office in August 2008. He is a project manager with the Rulemaking and Guidance Development Branch, responsible for developing staff guidance on Part 52 regulatory matters. He participates in both current operating fleet and new reactor fleet rulemakings. While at the NRC, Mr. Libby has focused on providing operationally oriented guidance for security and operation programs of plants licensed under Part 52. He is a strong advocate for interoperability and communications between the operational programs, security programs and information technology programs. Mr. Libby’s 37-year professional career has been devoted to nuclear reactor operations. He has held a NRC Reactor Operator License at a university research reactor and a Senior Reactor Operator License at a U.S. commercial power plant. Mr. Libby earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Technology from Barry University, and a Masters of Business Administration from the Florida Institute of Technology.

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