United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Protecting People and the Environment

David Matthews

David B. Matthews currently serves as the Director of the Division of New Reactor Licensing in the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's (NRC's) Office of New Reactor Licensing (NRO). Mr. Matthews supports the NRC mission to protect public health, safety and the environment, by leading, managing, and facilitating the licensing, oversight, and rulemaking programs applicable to new nuclear reactors. Mr. Matthews= organization is the principal organization in the NRC responsible for project management of application reviews pertaining to: design certifications, early site permits, and combined licenses.

His organization develops and maintains the necessary regulatory infrastructure to support new reactor licensing, including activities in support of: rulemakings, guidance development, interactions with stakeholders, and large scale project management tools for schedule and resource planning and tracking. In past assignments, Mr. Matthews has developed and overseen the reactor security, emergency preparedness, and radiation protection inspection and licensing programs. In his immediately prior position, as the Director of the Division of Regulatory Improvement Programs, Mr. Matthews was responsible for the overall policy, planning, and direction for a wide spectrum of NRC programs that included plant license renewals, next-generation reactor licensing, non-power reactor licensees, and all environmental issues related to the licensing and operation of power and non-power reactors. Mr. Matthews initiated the agency's efforts to introduce regulatory reforms that included several far-reaching initiatives designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of NRC safety oversight by introducing risk-informed regulatory approaches. Mr. Matthews directed a significant portion of the NRC's implementation of the Direct Assistance Program for Russia and the Ukraine in support of the Lisbon Initiative. He was instrumental in managing the development of NRC policies and programs relating to reactor licensee financial qualification and decommissioning funding issues stemming from electric utility deregulation initiatives occurring nationwide. Mr. Matthews played a critical role in implementing the nationwide emergency preparedness program initiated in response to the accident at Three Mile Island. He also served as the agency's principal point of contact with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and coordinated the emergency preparedness licensing reviews conducted by the NRC and FEMA throughout the 1980s.

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