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Denis Maro

Mr. Maro is the assistant manager of the IRSN radioecology laboratory at Cherbourg-Octeville in France, where he has worked since 1996. His expertise is in the study of atmospheric dispersion of gases and aerosols in the environment. This work includes measurement of pollutants released to the atmosphere, experimental quantification of aerosol dispersion and the deposition of aerosols in the environment. Mr. Maro has performed studies and provided expertise to a number of local authorities and industrial groups, such as AREVA and EDF. He also worked as head of the nuclear process control laboratory at the AREVA NC nuclear reprocessing plant at La Hague from 1988-1990. He has taught university classes on the atmospheric transfer of pollutants. Mr. Maro is the author of several publications, and has presented work at international conferences. He is also the owner of a patent for a method for automatically collecting tritium in water vapor.

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