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T4 NRC Enforcement Policy—Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going

The NRC Enforcement Policy conveys the guiding principles that govern the enforcement program. The current version went into effect on September 30, 2010 (75 FRN 60485). The major revisions include establishing base civil penalty amounts for current and potential licensees (high-level waste repositories and gas centrifuge or laser enrichment facilities), as well as increasing the base civil penalty amount for uranium conversion facilities. The Commission directed the NRC staff (SRM SECY‑09‑0190,“Major Revision to NRC Enforcement Policy”) to propose the next revision addressing specific topics within 18 months of the effective date of this revision. Specifically, the proposed revision includes the potential use of daily civil penalties, enforcement discretion for effective corrective action programs at fuel cycle facilities, and enforcement discretion for new reactor construction activities. The NRC staff is also proposing to develop guidance regarding both the issuance of civil penalties to individuals for violations involving safeguards information and whether to notify uninvolved licensees of pending individual actions to assist them in their trustworthiness and reliability determination.



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