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W28 Thermal-Hydraulic and Severe Accident Research

The session will focus on the NRC’s efforts to address current issues in the thermal-hydraulics and severe accident arenas, including experimental and analytical tool development programs. It will discuss, in particular, the following topics:

  • the NRC’s use of computational fluid dynamics codes
  • Symbolic Nuclear Analysis Package (SNAP), the graphic user interface to TRAC/RELAP Advanced Computational Engine (TRACE) and Methods for Estimation of Leakages and Consequences of Releases (MELCOR)
  • new SNAP uncertainty analysis capabilities
  • the NRC’s TRACE-Purdue Advanced Reactor Core Simulator (PARCS) code status and applications status
  • MELCOR, the severe accident code



Jennifer Uhle, Deputy Office Director, NRC/RES





Antony Calvo, NRC/RES, tel: (301) 251-7677, e-mail: Antony.Calvo@nrc.gov

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