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W27 Status and Path Forward on the Management of Gas Accumulation in Safety-System Piping

This session will focus on completed and planned future actions by both industry and the NRC related to gas accumulation and management in safety-system piping. It will include a status update on industry actions related to Generic Letter 2008-01, “Managing Gas Accumulation in Emergency Core Cooling, Decay Heat Removal, and Containment Spray Systems”; an overview of NEI 09-10, “Guidelines for Effective Prevention and Management of System Gas Accumulation”; a discussion of gas accumulation and management technical issues; and an NRC status update.



Anthony Ulses, Branch Chief, Division of Safety Systems, NRC/NRR





Jennifer Gall, NRC/NRR, tel: (301) 415-3253, e-mail: Jennifer.Gall@nrc.gov

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