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W20 Risk-Informed Technical Specification Initiatives

The NRC, working with the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) and the reactor owners’ groups, has developed various initiatives to incorporate risk insights and methods into the plant technical specifications. These initiatives include risk-informed surveillance frequencies, completion times, end states, and other changes to standard technical specifications and are available for licensee implementation through the Technical Specifications Task Force traveler process. This session will address the current state of all the initiatives for existing and new reactors, as well as lessons learned through the implementation of these initiatives.


Donnie Harrison, Branch Chief, Division of Risk Assessment, NRC/NRR and Robert Elliot, Branch Chief, Division of Inspection and Regional Support, NRC/NRR




Jigar Patel, NRC/NRR, tel: (301) 415-3109, e-mail: Jigar.Patel@nrc.gov
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