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Incident Response Experience

Attendees are invited to experience the inner workings of the NRC Operations Center which serves as the focal coordination point for communicating with NRC licensees, State entities, and other Federal agencies regarding operating events in both the nuclear reactor and materials industry. This session will address the roles and responsibilities of the various teams that comprise the NRC response organization when it is staffed during an emergency involving a NRC licensed facility. It will also address the resources that the NRC utilizes when communicating information to external stakeholders and receiving information from the licensees during an emergency. This session is about an hour in length.

A shuttle service will be available to and from the Conference Center and U.S. NRC Headquarters. Please check with the Registration Service Desk to confirm shuttle service location and departure times. Please note that each Incident Response Experience session is limited to 20 attendees and registration is required. Interested participants may register as part of their conference registration. If you have already registered, but would like to be added to one of the sessions, please contact Janelle Jessie at 301-415-6775 or Janelle.Jessie@nrc.gov

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