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RIC 2006 Conference Program

The Program and Conference Schedule PDF icon provides RIC 2006 session information. Presentations and speeches made at the conference are available below.

For a schedule of the Poster Sessions, please see our Poster Sessions by the Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research (RES) Web page.

The IOUs and Action Items list PDF icon provides responses to questions which were not answered at the conference, and followup responses to actions that were taken away from the conference.

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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Session Session Name Name of Presenter/ Presentation Type
P1 Welcome

Jim Dyer

Carl J. Paperiello

P2 Plenary Session

Nils J. Diaz, NRC Chairman
Speech | Presentation

P3 Regulatory Trends

Jim Dyer

P4 Plenary Session

Edward McGaffigan, Jr., NRC Commissioner
Speech | Presentation

T1BC Fuels - Cladding Behavior for Regulatory Applications

Paul Clifford

Robert Einziger

Albert J. Machiels

Ralph Meyer

Rosa Yang: LOCA | RIA


Fire Protection - Risk-Informed and Performance-Bases

Joe W. Donahue

James E. Lyons

Alex Marion

Sunil D. Weerakkody
T1E Licensing Issues Pamela B. Cowan

James J. Fisicaro

John F. McCann

Michael D. Tschiltz
T1F License Renewal Kenneth Chang

Rani Franovich

Patricia Lougheed

Louise Lund

Garry G. Young

License Renewal Poster
T1GH Rulemaking Jim Davis

Gary M. Holahan

Michael T. Lesar

Jim Riccio
T2BC Severe Accident Research Sudhamay Basu

Robert Henry

Thomas Kress

Michel Vidard

Richard Wachowiak
T2D New Reactor Licensing, Preparing for Combined License Reviews Session Intro

Joseph Colaccino

Joseph D. Hegner

Phillip Ray

Rebecca Smith-Kevern

Session Closing
T2E Use of Operating Experience (Regulator/Operator/Licensee) Session Intro

Vincent Coulehan

Barry Kaufer

John Kauffman

Mary Jane Ross-Lee

Mark Satorius
T2F Allegations Samuel J. Collins

J. Bradley Fewell

Billie Pirner-Garde

Nick Hilton

Rocco Scanza
T2GH Emergency Preparedness - Lessons Learned from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

*Due to the size of this presentation, the pages are provided in sections.

Michael S. Beeman

Neal Fudge*
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Linda L. Howell

Joe Venable

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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Session Session Name Name of Presenter/ Presentation Type
P5 Plenary Session: RES Carl J. Paperiello
Speech | Presentation
P6 Plenary Session Jeffrey S. Merrifield, NRC Commissioner
Speech | Presentation
W3BC Risk-Informed Regulatory Structure for Future Reactors

Charles E. Ader

Kenneth R. Balkey

Mary T. Drouin

Mark R. Holbrook

Eileen M. McKenna

W3BRK Yucca Mountain

Paul Golan

Steven Kraft

Martin Malsch

Bill W. Reamer

W3D GSI 191

John C. Butler

Maurice E. Dingler

Paul A. Klein

Brian W. Sheron

Robert L. Tregoning

W3F International Perspectives

Guy Clapisson

Olivier Gupta for A. C. Lacoste

Jukka Laaksonen

Andrey Malyshev

W3GH Safety Culture Initiatives and Implications

Bruce A. Boger

Michael T. Coyle

Sonja B. Haber

David Lochbaum

P7 Plenary Session

Gregory B. Jaczko, NRC Commissioner

P8 Plenary Session

Peter B. Lyons, NRC Commissioner

W4BC Advanced Reactors - GEN IV
Research and Licensing Strategies for the NGNP

Trevor Cook

James G. Danna

Andrew Kadak

Larry Parme

Stuart Rubin

Edward G. Wallace

W4D Risk-Informed Activities - Status and Direction

William E. Burchill

Robert Lutz

Tony Pietrangelo

Gerry Sowers

Michael D. Tschiltz

W4E ROP - Assessment Program Update Session (all presentations combined)
W4F Current Seismic Issues and Associated Research

Goutam Bagchi

Lloyd S. Cluff

Robert P. Kennedy

Andrew J. Murphy

Carl J. Stepp

W4GH Spent Fuel Management

Kevin Crowley

Robert Halstead

Steven Kraft

Gary Lanthrum

John Parkyn

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Thursday, March 9, 2006

Session Session Name Name of Presenter/ Presentation Type
Th5BC Materials Degradation

Omesh Chopra

Karen Gott

Robin L. Jones

Mark T. Erickson Kirk

Wallace E. Norris


Digital Instrumentation and Control - Diversity and Defense-in-Depth for Digital Systems

T. Preston Gillespie, Jr.

Allen G. Howe

Jukka Laaksonen

Raymond C. Torok

Th5E ROP Inspection Program Update

Russell Gibbs

Cynthia Pederson

Tony Pietrangelo

Jerry Roberts


Construction Inspection Program (CIP) and Inspection, Tests, Analyses and Acceptance (ITAAC)

Mary Ann M. Ashley and Joseph Colaccino

Ben J. George

Peter S. Hastings

Th5GH Security - Security Program Update and Path Forward

Daniel H. Dorman

Morgan Rafferty

NSIR Brochure

NSIR Poster

RG1BC Region I Breakout Session (all presentations combined)
RG2D Region II Breakout

Ashok Bhatnagar - Presentation 1, Presentation 2

William Travers and Jim Dyer

RG3E Region III Breakout Session (all presentations combined)
RG4GH Region IV Breakout Joseph V. Parrish

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