License Applications for New Uranium Recovery Facilities, Expansions, Restarts, and Renewals

By issuing or amending a current license, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) authorizes the licensee to construct and operate (with specified conditions) a uranium recovery facility, expand an existing facility, or restart an existing facility at a specific site, in accordance with established laws and regulations. A uranium recovery license is valid for 10 years from the date of the Commission finding, under Title 40, Section 40.32, of the Code of Federal Regulations [10 CFR 40.32], that the acceptance criteria in the license are met. A uranium recovery license can be renewed in 10-year increments. The NRC expects to receive applications for new facilities, expansions, and restarts in a variety of projected locations throughout the United States. For details, see the following:

For a uranium recovery application, the NRC staff reviews the applicant's qualifications, design safety, environmental impacts, operational programs, and site safety. The staff conducts its review in accordance with the Atomic Energy Act, NRC regulations, and the National Environmental Policy Act. All stakeholders (including the public) are given notice as to how and when they may participate in the regulatory process, which may include participating in public meetings and opportunities to request a hearing on the issuance of a license, amendment, or renewal.

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NRC-Regulated Sites – Uranium Recovery Applications Received

The following table provides links to pages regarding the docketed uranium recovery applications that the NRC has received to date. These pages describe the activities associated with reviewing the applications for new uranium recovery facilities, expansions, restarts, and renewals. For additional detail, see the related Data Dictionary.

Proposed New Facility, Expansion, Restart, or Renewal Type of Facility Applicant/Licensee
Crownpoint ISR – Renewal Hydro Resources, Inc.
North Trend ISR – Expansion Crow Butte Resources
Three Crow ISR – New Crow Butte Resources

See Source Material Facilities Licensing for more information on the licensing of source material.

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