Regulation Toolbox: Tips for State Reviewers and NRC Reviewers

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Tips for State Reviewers

  • Send in rules for review electronically.
  • Provide a cover letter for the proposed changes to the regulations (sample letter).
  • Provide a cover letter for the submission of the final regulations (sample letter).
  • Cover letters should include:
    • The State's rule referenced by name.
    • The name, or Regulation Action Tracking System (RATS) ID number, of the Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) amendments that are covered in the rule submission. If the amendments are not associated with a specific RATS ID, please indicate the cross reference to the Code of Federal Regulation equivalent regulation.
    • If the rule change does not satisfy the compatibility and health and safety designations in SA-200, the State is requested to identify those sections and describe the State's rationale for promulgating a regulation that is not compatible with NRC's rules.
  • Provide a cross reference/cross walk of State citations to the Code of Federal Regulations citations.
  • Use Line in/Line out format, or similar style to show text changes.
  • Send proposed rules to Deputy Director, MSSA as early as possible in the rulemaking process (see Contacts).
  • When possible, adopt the text of 10 CFR or an NRC approved Suggested State Regulation (SSR).
  • The State's regulation coordinator should contact the MSSA State Regulation Review Coordinator prior to preparation of the rule package. (see Contacts)

Tips for NRC Reviewers

  • Discuss any conflicts regarding the assignment with the State Regulation Review Coordinator (see Contacts).
  • For individual amendments, use and prepare the appropriate Review Summary Sheet (CFR or RATS).
  • For State negotiating agreements or a complete revision of an individual part (e.g. 10 CFR Part 61), use the RSS for the individual part.
  • Use model letter (see Sample State and NRC Letters).