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Part 31.5 - Certain Detecting, Measuring, Gauging, or Controlling Devices and Certain Devices for Producing Light or an Ionized Atmosphere
Part 31.6 - General License to Install Devices Generally Licensed in § 31.5
Part 31.7 - Luminous Safety Devices for Use in Aircraft
Part 31.8 - Americium-241 and Radium-226 in the Form of Calibration or Reference Sources
Part 31.10 - General License for Strontium-90 in Ice Detection Devices
Part 31.11 - General License for Use of Byproduct Material for Certain in Vitro Clinical or Laboratory Testing
Part 31.12 - General License for Certain Items and Self-Luminous Products Containing Radium-226
Part 40.25 - General License for Use of Certain Industrial Products or Devices
Part 70.19 - General License for Calibration or Reference Sources

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Consolidated guidance is published in "Consolidated Guidance About Materials Licenses," (NUREG-1556), Volume 16, Program-Specific Guidance About Licenses Authorizing Distribution to General Licensees is most applicable to general license uses. (Appendix F and G provide specific guidance to 31.5 general licensees.)

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Generally licensees subject to registration are required to pay an annual registration fee to the NRC. These fees are explained in our Materials Fee Billing Handbook. Refer to the schedule of materials fees for the fees required for each category of license and each type of fee.

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There is no license application for a general license. A general license is a de facto license based on the possession of generally licensed devices. Forms that are useful for meeting reporting requirements or are required for registration include:

  • NRC Form 664 Registration of Generally Licensed Devices
  • NRC Form 483 Registration Certificate — in Vitro Testing with Byproduct Material under General License
  • NRC Form 653 Transfers of Industrial Devices Report (Used by vendors of GL devices to report distributions to 31.5 general licensees. Provides information to general licensees on what needs to be in the report.)
  • NRC Form 244 Registration Certificate — Use of Depleted Uranium Under General License

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