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SDO Coordinator List

Over 300 NRC staff members participate on over 150 standards development committees serving on approximately 17 Standards Development Organizations (SDO). Frequent changes of NRC staff participating on to the SDO committees occurs. NRC Management Directives 6.5, "NRC Participation in the Development and Use of Consensus Standards," created the position of SDO Coordinator to facilitate the activities of NRC staff that may be participating on an SDO standards committee.

If the public or industry have questions concerning NRC participation on SDO standards development committees, please contact the appropriate SDO Coordinator listed in the following table. 1

SDO Sub-Section of SDO SDO Coordinator E-Mail Address
ACI -- Mita Sircar Madhumita.Sircar@nrc.gov
AISC -- Jose Pires Jose.Pires@nrc.gov
ANS -- Shivani Mehta Shivani.Mehta@nrc.gov
ANS ESCC Leah Parks Leah.Parks@nrc.gov
ANS FWDCC Harry Felsher Harry.Felsher@nrc.gov
ANS NNFCC Donald Harrison Donald.Harrison@nrc.gov
Margie Kotzalas Margie.Kotzalas@nrc.gov
ANS RARCC Jan Mazza Jan.Mazza@nrc.gov
ANS SRACC Donald Palmrose Donald.Palmrose@nrc.gov
ASCE -- James Xu Jim.Xu@nrc.gov
ASME V&V Ghani Zigh Ghani.Zigh@nrc.gov
ASME III Kamal Manoly Kamal.Manoly@nrc.gov
ASME QME Kamal Manoly Kamal.Manoly@nrc.gov
ASME PSD Kamal Manoly Kamal.Manoly@nrc.gov
ASME BCA Kerri Kavanagh Kerri.Kavanagh@nrc.gov
ASME CNC Kerri Kavanagh Kerri.Kavanagh@nrc.gov
ASME NQA Kerri Kavanagh Kerri.Kavanagh@nrc.gov
ASME QAI Kerri Kavanagh Kerri.Kavanagh@nrc.gov
ASME JCNRM Anders Gilbertson Anders.Gilbertson@nrc.gov
ASME XI Mike Benson Michael.Benson@nrc.gov
ASME OM Robert Wolfgang Robert.Wolfgang@nrc.gov
ASME CNF Steve Jones Steve.Jones@nrc.gov
AWS -- Antonio Rigato Antonio.Rigato@nrc.gov
HPS -- Duane Schmidt Duane.Schmidt@nrc.gov
IEC -- Steven Arndt Steven.Arndt@nrc.gov
IEEE -- Sheila Ray Sheila.Ray@nrc.gov
Ismael Garcia Ismael.Garcia@nrc.gov
INMM -- Tom Pham Tom.Pham@nrc.gov
ISA -- Dave Rahn David.Rahn@nrc.gov
NFPA -- Mark Salley MarkHenry.Salley@nrc.gov

1 If the SDO is not listed in this table, contact Robert Roche-Rivera at Robert.Roche-Rivera@nrc.gov or Shivani Mehta Shivani.Mehta@nrc.gov for assistance.

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