Risk Assessment: Related Information

More information on the use of risk in the NRC's regulatory programs is available at the following locations.

NRC Training Slides

NRC Fact Sheets and Brochures

Regulations and Guidance

Date Description
Aug. 1985 Severe Reactor Accidents Regarding Future Designs and Existing Plants
Aug. 1986 Safety Goals for the Operation of Nuclear Power Plants
Aug. 1995 Use of Probabilistic Risk Assessment Methods in Nuclear Regulatory Activities
Jun. 1998 Risk-Informed, Performance-Based and Risk-Informed, Less-Prescriptive Regulation in the Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards
Dec. 1998 Options for Risk-Informed Revisions to 10 CFR Part 50
Jun. 9, 1998 Plans to Increase Performance-Based Approaches in Regulatory Activities (SECY-98-132)
Mar. 1999 White Paper on Risk-Informed and Performance-Based Regulation,
Mar. 1999 Framework for Risk-Informed Regulation in the Office of Nuclear Material Security and Safeguards
May 1999 The Role of Defense-in-Depth in a Risk-Informed Regulatory System,
Jul. 12, 1999 Plans for Pursuing Performance-Based Initiatives (SECY-99-176),
Feb. 2000 Impediments to the Increased Use of Risk-Informed Regulation,
Sept. 1, 2000 High-Level Guidelines for Performance-Based Activities (SECY-00-0191),
Nov. 16, 2001 Status Report on Performance-Based Approaches to Regulation (SECY-01-0205)
Oct. 15, 2002 Status Report on Performance-Based Approaches to Regulation (SECY-02-0186)
Apr. 2007 Update on Improvements to the Risk-Informed Regulation Implementation Plan

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