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ACRS Meeting Date Topics Related Documents
12/04/2012 Technical Analysis Approach Plan – General approaches, assumptions, challenges for reactor, at-power, Level 1 for internal events, internal floods, internal fire, seismic, high winds, and other hazards; reactor, LPSD, Level 1 for internal events; Level 2 PRA; Level 3 PRA; HRA; integrated site risk; uncertainty analysis; and quality assurance
05/22/2013 Technical Analysis Approach Plan (cont.) – General approaches, assumptions, challenges for quality assurance (updated), spent fuel pool PRA, and dry cask storage PRA
07/22/2013 Integrated Site Risk
Human Reliability Analysis
Initial Level 1 Internal Events Model (closed session)
02/19/2014 Site Operating Phases
Level 2 PRA Methods and Status
Level 3 PRA Approach and Status
SNC Perspectives
06/11/2014 Full Committee – project overview
10/15/2014 Level 2 PRA HRA approach (open session) and implementation (closed session)
Revised Level 1 event tree logic (closed session)
Level 1/2 interface and containment event tree (closed session)
ISLOCA – introduction of issue and SSHAC approach to expert elicitation (closed session)
Release termination criteria (closed session)
02/18/2015 MACCS analysis overview
EP modeling
Level 1 internal event and flood peer review findings (closed session)
Level 1 event tree philosophy and logic (closed session)
LOOP/SBO and consequential LOOP modeling (closed session)
Safe-and-stable end-state (closed session)
03/01/2016 ISLOCA expert elicitation process (open session) and results (closed session)
12/13/2016 Integrated site risk approach (open session) and pilot applications (closed session)
LPSD Level 1 PRA for internal events (closed session)
Dry cask storage PRA (closed session)
05/02/2017 Draft report – format and contents
Initial Level 1 Fire PRA (closed session)
Initial Level 1 Seismic PRA (closed session)

NUREG, Part 1
Level 2 PRA for internal events and floods (closed session)
Level 3 PRA for internal events and floods (closed session)
Spent fuel pool PRA (closed session)

11/16/2017 Continuation of Subcommittee meeting from October 4, 2017 (closed session)
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