Calculation of Releases of Radioactive Materials in Gaseous Liquid Effluents from Boiling Water Reactors (BWR-Gale Code) (NUREG-0016, Revision 1)

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Manuscript Completed: December 1978
Date Published: January 1979

  • F.P. Cardile, Editor
  • R.R. Bellamy, Editor
  • R.L. Bangert
  • J.V. Lee
  • LG. Bell
  • J.L. Minns
  • J.S. Boegli
  • P.G. Stoddart
  • W.C. Burke
  • R.A. Weller
  • J.T. Collins

Effluent Treatment Systems Branch
Division of Site Safety and Environmental Analysis
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555-0001

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In April of 1976, the NRC published NUREG-0016. That document presented methods for calculation of releases from BWRs based on operating data available at that time. In promulgating Appendix I to 10 CFR Part 50, tbe Commission indicated its desire to use the best available data for improving the calculational models. Therefore, at this time, we are updating NUREG-0016 by issuing Revision 1 which incorporates more recent operating data now available and also incorporates the results of a number of in-plant measurement programs at operating BWRs.

NUREG-0016, Revision 1, is similar to NUREG-0016 in that it provides instructions for using the BWR-GALE Code. It describes the parameters incorporated in the Code, the input data required, and a step-by-step procedure for completing the input data cards. It provides parameters for an assessment of reactor and radwaste system performance for normal operation including anticipated operational occurrences, and the bases for selecting the parameters. It also contains a Fortran IV listing of the BWR-GALE Code, a form for entering the input data, and a sample calculation.

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