Methods for Applying Risk Analysis to Fire Scenarios (MARIAFIRES)-2010 (NUREG/CP-0301, Volume 1)

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Publication Information

Date Published: August 2013

Principal Investigators:
Kendra Hill
Tammie Pennywell
David Stroup
Felix Gonzalez
Hugh Woods

Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555-0001

U.S. NRC-RES Project Managers:
Kendra Hill/Nicholas Melly

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
3420 Hillview Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94303

EPRI Project Manager & Principal Investigator:
R. Wachowiak

Availability Notice


The events that necessitated the Methods for Applying Risk Analysis to Fire Scenarios (MARIAFIRES) training courses are presented in this documents Introduction and Background section, which also provides links to previous MARIAFIRES documents based on training courses conducted in 2008 (NUREG/CP-0194) (EPRI 1020621).

This is a supplement to those documents, and provides the slides and other materials used to support the enclosed video recordings of an additional first day of training that was added to the NRC-RES/EPRI Fire PRA courses conducted in 2010. The additional training was presented simultaneously in four modules: Basic Concepts of Circuit Analysis (Section 2 and Appendix A); Basic Concepts of Fire Analysis (Section 3 and Appendix B); Basic Concepts of Fire Human Reliability Assessment (HRA, Section 4 and Appendix C); and Basics of Nuclear Power Plant Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA, Section 5 and Appendix D).

The extra day was added because it had been observed in previous sessions that some attendees were not familiar with certain basic concepts that the course developers had assumed they would understand. This diminished the trainings value to those attendees, and also delayed the progress of the whole class, which reduced the trainings value to everyone.

In future years, this supplement and its video recordings will be given to all prospective students when they register for Fire PRA Workshop training. Before the first days instruction, they will be expected to have read the short section of this supplement corresponding to the module for which they have registered (i.e., Section 2, 3, 4, or 5), to have followed the slides in the related appendix of this supplement while watching and listening to the videos for that module, and to have responded to the one-page self assessments presented in this supplement after the last slide of each video for that module.

Following this process will allow for more detailed instruction on the additional day, thus increasing the trainings value to everyone.

Volume 2 of MARIAFIRES-2010 also contains a new module dedicated to Fire Human Reliability Analysis (HRA). This fourth module supplements the original three modules (Module 1 Fire PRA, MARIAFIRES 2008-Volume 1, Module 2 Electrical analysis MARIAFIRES 2008-Volume 2, Module 3 Fire Analysis MARIAFIRES 2008-Volume 3).

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