Safety of Spent Fuel Storage (NUREG/BR-0528)

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Date Published: April 2017

Office of Public Affairs
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555-0001


The NRC regulates the nuclear fuel cycle from beginning to end. Starting when the uranium is taken from the ground, the NRC oversees its processing and manufacture into fuel to be used in reactors. The NRC also plays a role in ensuring the safe transportation, storage, and permanent geologic disposal of used fuel.

Proper handling of nuclear materials helps to protect the safety of the public and plant workers. To achieve this aim, the NRC has regulatory requirements that ensure spent fuel is safely managed after it is removed from a reactor.

This publication explains the NRC's role in the safe storage of spent nuclear fuel from commercial nuclear power plants. The NRC oversees the design, manufacture, use, and maintenance of dry storage casks used for this purpose.

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