Reactor Oversight Process (NUREG/BR-0508, Revision 1)

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Date Published: April 2016

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555-0001


The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's (NRC's) Reactor Oversight Process (ROP) is the agency's program to inspect, measure, and assess the safety and security performance of commercial nuclear power plants. It also responds to declining licensee performance. The ROP contributes to the NRC's mission of ensuring public health and safety, promoting the common defense and security, and protecting the environment during the operation of commercial nuclear power plants by monitoring plant performance in three strategic performance areas:

  • Reactor Safety: avoiding accidents and reducing the consequences of accidents if they occur
  • Radiation Safety: protecting both plant workers and the public from unnecessary radiation exposure during routine operations
  • Safeguards: protecting the plant against sabotage and other security threats

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