Training and Development Strategic Plan: Safety Through Knowledge (NUREG/BR-0332)

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Date Published: February 2007

Office of Human Resources
U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555-0001


The purpose of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Training and Development Strategic Plan is to implement an agencywide strategic and businesslike approach to training and development activities. A strategic approach allows NRC to better establish priorities and leverage investments in training and development to achieve agency results. Appropriate investments in recruitment, training, development, and knowledge management will reward the NRC with a highly skilled and diverse workforce prepared to address the challenges ahead.

The agency developed the goals and strategies in this plan within a framework of strategic alignment and accountability that links to the fiscal year (FY) 2004–FY 2009 NRC Strategic Plan, the NRC Strategic Human Capital and Workforce Restructuring Plan, the NRC’s Comprehensive Diversity Management Plan, the President’s Management Agenda Leadership and Knowledge Management Standards for Success, the NRC’s Strategic Workforce Planning process, and the NRC’s Planning, Budgeting, and Performance Management (PBPM) process.

Employees and supervisors share the responsibility to ensure that staff members have the knowledge, skills, and competencies to effectively perform their job functions. Offices and regions support this effort by defining knowledge, skills, and competencies for job functions, identifying training needs, establishing and maintaining qualification programs, and ensuring that staff members are adequately trained and qualified to perform their assigned duties. The NRC’s Strategic Plan outlines a dynamic program of training, development, knowledge transfer, and formal leadership development programs as the means for achieving the human capital strategies employed to meet the Management Goal.

The Human Resources Training and Development (HRTD) organization designs, develops, implements, and evaluates agencywide training, development, and knowledge management programs, policies, and procedures and manages the Technical Training Center, Professional Development Center, and associated capital assets. Training and development programs support the NRC’s Strategic Plan goals of Safety, Security, Openness, Effectiveness, and Management Excellence, by providing the knowledge and skills that the staff needs to make safety and security decisions openly and effectively.

In support of the NRC’s mission and goals, HRTD has the following mission:

To provide effective learning programs, resources, and services to enable the NRC to acquire and maintain the competencies needed to accomplish the agency’s mission.

In executing this mission, HRTD has the following vision:

To be a strategic leader, partner, and catalyst for the NRC to engage in continuous learning and professional development to achieve individual and organizational excellence.

In support of the agency’s safety mission, HRTD will work closely with the NRC offices and regions to ensure that the training goals and strategies outlined in this plan are incorporated into organizational decisionmaking and aligned with organizational goals and culture to achieve the Management Goal strategic outcomes. The agency’s employees are its most valuable asset and are the primary stakeholders in the training and development opportunities that the agency provides for them. The NRC wants to provide employees with the training and development needed to succeed in their current positions and to prepare them for future agency needs. Acquiring, developing, and sustaining the agency’s highly skilled and diverse workforce will be an ongoing challenge in the face of continued employee retirements and the increasing number of new staff hired to support new agency work.

The NRC will work to maintain a diverse, high-performing workforce with the skills needed to achieve the agency’s mission by focusing on the following Training and Development goals. The Office of Human Resources (HR) Operating Plan and office operating plans, as appropriate, will include specific activities to achieve these goals and continue to employ HR, office-level, and agencywide metrics to measure results.

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