Region I Entry Level Inspector Qualification Program (NUREG/BR-0283)

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Date Published: March 2001

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555-0001


The Region I Entry-Level Inspector Qualification Program combines a series of individually tailored developmental rotational assignments, with extensive formal training in a nuclear reactor technology or a nuclear materials technology. Some of the courses are required and some are optional. The 2-year program is designed to give new employees maximum exposure to the NRC’s work and a broad perspective on the NRC’s regulatory process. The training and the developmental assignments in this program follow the guidelines of an inspector qualification manual designed to prepare an employee to become a qualified NRC inspector. Entry-level inspectors normally complete two 3-to-6 month developmental rotational assignments. They may qualify as inspectors before completing rotational assignments. The timing and duration of these assignments depend on the needs of both the organization and the individual. Reactor inspectors are assigned to a plant site and are attached to a branch of NRR at Headquarters. Nuclear materials license reviewers and inspectors are normally assigned to various branches of NMSS at Headquarters.

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