NRC Field Policy Manual (NUREG/BR-0075, Revision 4)

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Date Published: March 1999

Office of the Executive Director for Operations
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555-0001


The NRC Field Policy Manual (FPM) provides policy and guidance to Office Directors and Regional Administrators from the Executive Director for Operations (EDO). This Manual is a compilation of EDO policies that are intended to establish the necessary degree of operational consistency among NRC offices and the regions.


  • To aid managers and writers in planning and developing clear, accurate and effective field policies.

  • To ensure consistency in the format and content of field policies.


NRC Field Policy: Contains statements of policy, defines responsibilities and authorities and establishes requirements related to managing and implementing the functions of Headquarters and Regional Offices. Each policy also describes office interfaces, coordination and management practices that should be used in implementing field policies. The FPM will not duplicate material in the NRC Management Directives or guidance documents from the NRC Headquarters Offices such as the NRC Inspection Manual.

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