A Tool for Drawing With Excel (NUREG/IA-0191)

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Publication Information

Date Published: January 2001

Prepared by:
A. Prošek, B. Mavko, I. Parzer

Institut Jožef Stefan
Jamova 39
1001 Ljubljana, Slovenija

Prepared as part of:
The Agreement on Research Participation and Technical Exchange
under the International Code Application and Maintenance Program (CAMP)

Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555-0001

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Worldwide the research is conducted how to reduce the user effects on safety analysis in the nuclear engineering field. It was shown that user effects could be reduced with automatic display of the result. Therefore a program was developed for automatic creation of figures with Microsoft Excel 97 with capability to present single curve or multiple curves. Primarily the program was developed for the RELAP5 users. However, due to flexibility it can be used for graphic presentation of severe accident or user developed codes when the output is in columns and ASCII format. The testing of the tool showed that figure can be quickly and easily created. The tool conforms also to quality assurance requirements, because all input data used are archived. Additionally a figure list is created including titles, boundaries, ranges of cells for plotting etc. A huge number of quickly generated figures enable detail analysis of certain phenomena, thereby improving the quality of the analysis.

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